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Gérard Coudougnan

L'équipe des "piliers" en exclusivité
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Jean Yves
, Bernard Alapetite, Zanzi, Neil, Kim,
Matoo, Mérovingien02, Juju, Chori,
Shangols, Boris Bastide, Stéphane Riethauser,
Robert Wagner,
 Jag1366, Hari3669, Maykel Stone,
Marc-Jean Filaire,
Isabelle B. Price, Psykokwak,
Rémi Lange
, Henry Victoire, Didier Roth-Bettoni
BBJane Hudson...

Mais aussi, depuis, Cyril Legann,
Gérard Coudougnan (Livres), Voisin Blogueur,
Nicolas Maille, Sullivan Le Postec, Vincy Thomas,
Jann Halexander, Tom Peeping
, Lucian Durden,
Papy Potter, Nico Bally, Marie Fritsch,
Sir Francisco, Laurent Fialaix
et Hugo Rozenberg.

Special Guest Star : Philippe Arino.

Un grand merci à Francis Moury,
Olivier Nicklaus et à
Yann Gonzalez.
Et en special guest star gay-friendly... Dr Orlof !

et bien d'autres depuis le début et d'autres à venir...

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Nos chroniques vedettes : Zanzi and the City (Zanzi), Et les filles alors ? (Isabelle B. Price),
Derrière les masques : Homollywood (Marc-Jean Filaire),
Merci Bernard (Bernard Alapetite),
Le Bazar de l'Homo Vincy (Vincy Thomas),
L'Histoire de l'homosexualité,
Dans l'ombre de Jann Halexander (Jann Halexander), Spécial Abdellah Taïa (Daniel C. Hall),
La Crypte aux gays (BBJane Hudson), Certains l'aiment camp (Tom Peeping),
Le Chaudron rose (Papy Potter), Petits Contes Dark-en-ciel (Nico Bally),
Marie de traverse (Marie Fritsch), Spécial Salim Kechiouche, Si j'étais homo ou hétéro...,
Spécial Stonewall, 40 ans, La gâterie du chef (Daniel Conrad Hall), La Garac'Ademy (Jean-Louis Garac)
A tort ou à travers (Laurent Fialaix), Rencontres de tous les types (Hugo Rozenberg),
Le Phil de l'araignée (Special Guest Star : Philippe Ariño),
Dossier et chronique-soutien
à l'association "Le Refuge" (Daniel C. Hall).

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PRIDE 2009
Music & lyrics by Jon Gilbert Leavitt

Silk top hats and button shoes, erotic tintypes, midnight cruise, Berlin gay society 1903
Sigmund Freud's Vienna's hype, identifies the homo-type, The Intermediate Sex and Heterodoxy
The gay wave moves across the sea, hello there Miss Liberty, Betty Boop is hot and hooch is out in the cold
Greenwich Village, Bloomsbury, gays in high society, Harlem nights, Chicago fights, Leopold and Loeb...

[CHORUS]: Pride, gotta have pride - we've been around too long to keep it inside.
Pride, can't sit back and watch from the side, pride is power and power is pride.
It's time to celebrate all the colors of the rainbow, get out into the streets, follow the tide...

The Captive hits the Broadway stage, The Fleet's In, Cadmus' all the rage, and The Well of Loneliness appears on the stands
Depression, bread lines, Crystal Night, Adolf shows Olympic might, put on your pink triangles and put up your hands
A-Bomb, 50's keen, the Kinseys shake the cocktail scene, James Dean, Mattachine, Doris Day and Harry Hay
Donald Webster Cory writes, Joe McCarthy picks a fight, J. Edgar, Roy Cohn shame on you, what else do you plan to do?

Christine Jorgensen's reborn, Daughters of Bilitis form, Ginsberg, Naked Lunch, Giovanni's Room.
Marilyn, the Beatnik scene, Jackie's in her Cassini, Vatican II and something's coming soon...
Summer 1969, the heat is rising all the time and over the rainbow Judy Garland sleeps
Stonewall Bar, men in blue, heads were broken bottles flew, "out of the bars and into the streets..."


Boys in the Band played, Bette Midler sang, those bathhouse days, Lance Loud, gay and proud, Oscar Wilde Bookstore
...Sister George, Doonesbury, Tales of the City, Anita Bryant, Village People, Studio 54
Harvey Milk, rough trade, Aaron Fricke's prom date, GRID, Torch Song Trilogy, Boy George, GMHC
HIV identified, Rock Hudson, Liberace died, Bowers versus Hardwick's heard, Reagan finally says the word…

Barney Frank, AIDS quilts, ACT-UP, Randy Shilts, Queer Nation, Mapplethorpe, AZT
Amendment 2, Cracker Barrel, "don't ask, don't tell," Angels in America, March on DC
Greg Louganis, Elton John, George Michael, what is going on? Lilith Fair, riot grrls, spend a day at Disney World,
Cunanan scare, the McVeigh case, Ian, Ellen, Will & Grace,
Matthew Shepard- God bless you, what else can we look forward to...?

Gay-dot-com, VaxGen, another Bush in Washington, Millennium March, Mary Cheney, Queer as Folk
Dr. Laura's evil ways, bug chasers, ex-gays, 9/11 – Mark Bingham, Father Mychal Judge.
Holland starts the marriage trend, Beanie Man and Eminem, L-Word, Dubya's back, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
Executions in Iran, no same-sex marriage ban, linguists discharged in Iraq, one step forward, two steps back...

Logo, Rosie, crystal meth, PNP, Mark Foley, Jim McGreevey, John Amaechi tells all
Doogie Howser, Lance Bass, Brokeback, Superman, Rufus does Judy at Carnegie Hall
Larry Craig - vice squad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Dumbledore, Nutmeg State, Obama wins, so does Prop 8 -
Forty years ago who knew, when Miss Rivera threw her shoe –a raid became a movement – and our Fourth of July…


Music & lyrics by Jon Gilbert Leavitt. © 2009 JGLsongs, LLC (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved.
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